Play your favourite online slots, table and card games at Monte-Carlo® Casino and enjoy cash and bonuses with our online Cercle Club loyalty scheme.

Achieve a monthly Cercle Club level and earn Cercle Points which you can then turn into cash or bonuses. As you play, you’ll move up through the Cercle Club tiers – and the higher you climb, the bigger the promotions and gifts become.

  • What you need to know
  • Cercle Club is free and available to everyone.
  • Earn Cercle Points by playing real money games.
  • More Cercle Points means a higher Cercle Club level.
  • Better cash or bonus fund payouts the higher your tier.

The benefits of joining our online Cercle Club

Becoming a member of the Cercle Club is completely free and has no drawbacks – in fact, quite the opposite! You could enjoy faster withdrawals, exclusive promotions and a dedicated concierge service simply by playing online.

To celebrate the launch of Monte-Carlo® Casino, we are also removing the monthly expiry of your Cercle Points, meaning you’ll be able to keep climbing the tiers month after month. Whichever tier you reach at the end of the promotional period will be honoured when we instigate the monthly expiry of your Cercle level, so be sure to maximise your rewards while you can!

How Cercle Club Online works

Gather points as you play online with us and you will move through the different tiers displayed below. The points you earn will automatically be updated and displayed in your Dashboard, meaning your VIP level will also update in real-time.

From the moment you earn your first Cercle Point, you’ll be a part of our online Cercle Club, accumulating points towards future rewards. Reach the Bronze Level and you will enjoy additional benefits including a dedicated concierge service and exclusive VIP bonuses and promotions.

Reach our very highest level, the Diamond tier, and you’ll be given the full VIP treatment, with an online VIP manager looking after your every need, as well as fantastic trips to events such as the Champions League, and holidays to Monaco and our own Monte-Carlo® Casino.

Please note that the Cercle Points you earn playing online with Monte-Carlo® Casino are redeemable at www.montecarlocasino.com and not at our land-based casino in Monaco.

Earning Cercle Club Points

See the table below to learn how many points you earn for each of your favourite types of online casino game:

Amount wagered in € to earn 1 Cercle Point (including Mobile)
Cercle Club Level All Slots and Lottery games Roulette (excl. French Roulette) French Roulette and Video Poker (except "double up") Baccarat and other Card Games (except Blackjack) Blackjack (except "double up")
Green €10 €20 €50 €100 €120
Blue €10 €20 €50 €100 €120
Red €9 €18 €45 €90 €108
Bronze €8.50 €17 €42.50 €85 €102
Silver €8 €16 €40 €80 €96
Gold €7.50 €15 €37.50 €75 €90
Platinum €7 €14 €35 €70 €84
Diamond €6.50 €13 €32.50 €65 €78

Cercle Club Rewards and Promotions

Turning your Cercle Points into cash or bonus funds is simple. Find out how much you could add to your Monte-Carlo® Casino account today

Cash Payout Cercle points required Bonus payout Cercle points required
€10 500 points €10 400 points
€25 1,250 points €25 1,000 points
€50 2,500 points €50 2,000 points
€100 5,000 points €100 4,000 points
€250 12,500 points €250 10,000 points
€500 25,000 points €500 20,000 points
€750 37,500 points €750 30,000 points
€1,000 50,000 points €1,000 40,000 points
€5,000 250,000 points €5,000 200,000 points

You can also earn Cercle Points on your mobile. Please note, however, that you currently can't redeem your Cercle Points through the web app. To redeem your Cercle Points please go to the website (full version) on www.montecarlocasino.com.

As you keep playing, you’ll move up through the Cercle Club Online levels, meaning you could also enjoy the following benefits:

Cercle Club Benefits Green Blue Red Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Cercle Points Required (inc. boost) 0 100 500 1,750 6,500 13,500 35,500 150,000
Cercle Point Booster - - 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%
Points Cash Out (Cash or Bonus)
Priority Withdrawals
Exclusive Promotions
VIP Exclusive Bonus
Dedicated Concierge
VIP Experiences
VIP Trips

VIP Benefits

If you are already playing online casino elsewhere and feel that you may soon find yourself in the Bronze tier or higher, please feel free to contact our VIP team to discuss how we could accommodate you here at Monte-Carlo® Casino. You can also find out more about our VIP Loyalty scheme here. If you find your way into a high enough tier of the Cercle Club, you could also enjoy events such as Champions League games and trips to Monaco, courtesy of our VIP team. These events will be announced through special promotions so do keep an eye on our website for the latest VIP offers.


You can redeem Cercle Points for either a cash or bonus fund payout. To do this, go to the Dashboard.

Cercle Points expire on a 6-month rolling basis from the date of earning. However, to celebrate the launch of Monte-Carlo® Casino, you are able to earn the points and the tier you achieve will be maintained until further notice.

Any Cercle Points which are redeemed for a bonus or cash amount are deducted from your CP balance but will not be deducted from your Cercle Points earned in relation to your tier calculation.

In some situations it is possible that you’d earn a fraction of a Cercle Point. These will only be credited to a player’s account as a whole number though (rounding down).

No, the payout rates on Cash or Bonus funds are the same no matter which tier you achieve in the Cercle Club. However, you will earn Cercle Points at a faster rate, which means you’ll achieve the next payout threshold sooner.

We offer promotions which will give you opportunities to earn Cercle Points at a higher rate, such as our Cercle Points Boost offer. We also offer VIP players the ability to start at a higher tier, provided they can demonstrate gameplay levels accordingly. If you feel that you could become a Bronze tier player or higher, do contact our VIP Team who will discuss this with you.



Version Number: 1.0
Date of Issue: 00:00 GMT, 27 November 2014

1. The following Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with General Terms and Conditions

2. Taking part in the Promotion represents acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, the rules of each game played as well as the Monte-Carlo® Casino General Terms and Conditions and specific Bonus Terms and Conditions located on the Site.

3. To be part of the Monte-Carlo® Casino Cercle Club, players need to place real money bets/wagers on the Site to receive Cercle Points (“CPs”).

The amount of Cercle Points a player earns depends on two factors:

  • Player’s Cercle Club level
  • The game being played
    Players can earn fractions of Cercle Points but they will only be credited to a player’s balance in whole number amounts.

4. The following table outlines the amount in € a player must wager to receive one Cercle Point, taking into account both the game type and the player’s Cercle Club level booster.

Amount wagered in € to earn 1 Cercle Point (including Mobile)
Cercle Club Level All Slots and Lottery games Roulette (excl. French Roulette) French Roulette and Video Poker (except "double up") Baccarat and other Card Games (except Blackjack) Blackjack (except "double up")
Green €10 €20 €50 €100 €120
Blue €10 €20 €50 €100 €120
Red €9 €18 €45 €90 €108
Bronze €8.50 €17 €42.50 €85 €102
Silver €8 €16 €40 €80 €96
Gold €7.50 €15 €37.50 €75 €90
Platinum €7 €14 €35 €70 €84
Diamond €6.50 €13 €32.50 €65 €78

E.g. a player at level "Green" staking €10 on slots will receive 1 Cercle Point, if the same player stakes €5 on slots they will receive 0.5 Cercle Points, but they will only see it on their points balance once they have wagered the remaining amount to earn 1 full CP.

A player at Platinum level needs to wager €7 on slots to receive 1 Cercle Point. They need to wager €14 on Roulette (excluding French Roulette) to receive 1 Cercle Point. If they were to wager €10 (10/14) on Roulette they would receive 0.71 Cercle Points, but it will only be credited as one full point once a further €4 has been wagered to earn 1 full CP.

5. Any player wagering in any currency other than Pounds (€) will receive the following currency multipliers:

Currency Multiplier
Euro (EUR) x1
United States Dollar (USD) x1
Great British Pound (GBP) x1
Swiss Franc (CHF) x1
Brazilian Real (BRL) x3
Polish Zloty (PLN) x4
Norwegian Krone (NOK) x9
Swedish Krona (SEK) x9
Czech Koruna (CZK) x30

6. Players are awarded either Green, Blue, Red, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond ("Cercle Club Level") according to the number of Cercle Points collected in each calendar month.

7. When earning Cercle Points, players will progress through the Cercle Club levels as they meet the following point balances:

Cercle Club Level Cercle Points Required
Green 0
Blue 100
Red 500
Bronze 1,750
Silver 6,500
Gold 13,500
Platinum 35,000
Diamond 150,000

8. Each Cercle Club level is based on the player’s Cercle Points accumulated between the beginning and the end of each calendar month. Levels are climbed automatically as points are earned and the highest status achieved by a player during that month will be used as the base level for the start of the next calendar month.

9. Players will keep their level until further notice from Monte-Carlo® Casino, after which point Cercle Club levels downgrade one level at a time in each calendar month, as well as Cercle Points expiring after 6 months.

10. All games on Site earn Cercle Points but wagers made using the "double up" option are specifically excluded from this Promotion and will not earn any Cercle Points.

11. Cercle Points are not awarded for free play or wagers made using bonuses.

12. Cercle Points are earned and displayed in real time. Players have three Cercle Points balances which can all be found via the Dashboard > My Account:
Current month – this is the player’s balance which count towards their current Cercle Club level for the current and following month and can be seen via the Dashboard
Available – the amount of points a player has available to redeem for cash or bonuses or that are eligible for 6-month expiry
Lifetime Cercle Points - the total amount of points ever earned (including any redeemed or expired CPs)

13. Cercle Points will not expire until further notice. After this point, Cercle Points will be valid for 6 months. Any Cercle Points which are unused after this time period will be removed from players’ accounts. Monte-Carlo® Casino reserves the right to amend the expiry period of Cercle Points. Any such amendment will be posted in these Terms and Conditions and will be effective upon such posting.

14. Cercle Points can be redeemed for either cash or bonus funds (which are subject to our standard bonus funds terms and conditions which can be found here).

Players can redeem their points at any time via the Dashboard > My Account.

All players, regardless of Cercle Club level, have the following options when cashing out their Cercle Points:

Cash Payout Cercle points required Bonus payout Cercle points required
€10 500 points €10 400 points
€25 1,250 points €25 1,000 points
€50 2,500 points €50 2,000 points
€100 5,000 points €100 4,000 points
€250 12,500 points €250 10,000 points
€500 25,000 points €500 20,000 points
€750 37,500 points €750 30,000 points
€1,000 50,000 points €1,000 40,000 points
€5,000 250,000 points €5,000 200,000 points

15. Any bonus funds or free spins used for wagering will not earn Cercle Points - only real money bets will earn Cercle Points.

16. Any additional benefits as displayed on the Cercle Club landing page (such as gifts and trips) are ad-hoc and given as per the discretion of Monte-Carlo® Casino and are not guaranteed on any specific schedule. Bonuses shown are representative only and will vary from player to player.

17. Cercle Points earned have no value outside of Monte-Carlo® Casino Online (www.montecarlocasino.com). They have no value at the live Monte-Carlo® Casino, cannot be transferred between players, exchanged (unless redeemed for cash/bonus as part of this Promotion) or sold.

18. Cercle Points will be forfeited from any Monte-Carlo® Casino account which is closed for any reason.

19. Monte-Carlo® Casino reserves the right to alter, annul or withdraw any and all of the terms and conditions of this Promotion. Amendments will be effective as soon as they are posted here.

20. Monte-Carlo® Casino reserves the right to exclude a specific customer or group of customers from this Promotion and to change or withdraw this Promotion in part, or in its entirety, at any time and without notice.

21. Membership of the Cercle Club is at the sole discretion of Monte-Carlo® Casino. At any time Monte-Carlo® Casino reserves the right to either refuse or revoke the membership of any player.

22. In the event of any abuse of this Promotion (including, but not limited to, the opening of multiple accounts in order to obtain an advantage), Monte-Carlo® Casino reserves the right to suspend an account pending investigation and to close the account and retain the balance where Monte-Carlo® Casino has reasonable suspicion that bonus abuse or any other type of fraud has been committed by the player.

23. The Cercle Club is intended for genuine recreational players only. Monte-Carlo® Casino awards bonuses and entry in good faith to players who use its services for entertainment purposes and as a token of appreciation for loyal play. Free spins, bonuses and entry to promotions will be revoked, denied or withdrawn from players who abuse the spirit of this offer. We reserve the right to cancel a bonus offer at any time in case of any suspected abuse of the offer and to restrict, suspend, investigate and/or terminate the offender's account with immediate effect. At Monte-Carlo® Casino’s sole discretion, all bonuses may be revoked and subsequent gaming activity may be voided.

24. Any breach of these Terms & Conditions will result in closure of the player account.

25. In the event of any dispute, the decision of Monte-Carlo® Casino shall be final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

26. In the case of conflict or discrepancy between the English language version of these Terms & Conditions and the translated versions in other languages, the English language version shall prevail.